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Many ecommerce websites disappear, as marketplaces drive them out of business. Old-fashioned clothing and electronics web stores can’t compete with Amazon, while taxi drivers’ riots have become a recurring theme around the globe since the birth of Uber. If things are getting difficult for your company, or if traditional sites do not fit your startup’s needs, a multi-vendor platform can be your saving grace. Here we share some insights about how to start and customize an online marketplace using the most efficient toolset on the market.

Start An Online Marketplace. Questions & Answers

Before you launch your customizable online marketplace with ready-made software from marketplace experts, there surely are dozens of questions you need to be answered. Let us ease your worries and provide the most critical answers you will need to make the right choice.

How To Make An Online Marketplace And Do I Need One?

It might seem that opening a store to sell your unique products is the easiest way to get revenue. However, if you build a marketplace, you can not only sell your own items but improve the customers’ shopping experience and profit from other vendors starting up their sales on your platform. Besides, marketplaces are adjustable for any business model or plan. You can create a marketplace for products and services, business-to-business, business-to-customer, and customer-to-customer (peer-to-peer) transactions. The possibilities are endless.

What Do I Need To Get A Marketplace?

You can create a marketplace website in a multitude of ways. Here are five popular choices, ranging from the most to the least expensive:

  1. Work with an in-house or an outsource development team to build the platform from the ground up.
  2. Hire a freelance creator to set up the architecture and a designer to develop a storefront image.
  3. Employ ready-made turnkey solution to deploy the ecommerce platform.
  4. Use an open-source builder app for building an online multi-vendor marketplace.
  5. Set up the website using a traditional CMS, like WP or Magento, on your own.

Why Is Ready-Made Marketplace Software The Best Choice For Startups?

When you start your business, it is essential to analyze the market and ensure your concept is viable. At this stage, you need to eliminate unnecessary expenses and make sure your product is launched as soon as possible. If you build a marketplace website with Online Marketplace Software, you hit the perfect balance between cost and efficiency. OMS will ensure you start selling within the tightest timeframe, unlike buying and setting up Wordpress template and endless plugins. And later, after you get first sales, you can turn your MVP into a full-blown product.

How To Set Up A Unique Marketplace Website Using OMS?

OMS by RadeMade is a fully customizable marketplace solution. Setting it up requires domain, hosting, and server space, but we will perform all these tasks for you after learning about your preferences and business needs. Out of the box, it comes with a set of dashboards for admin, sellers, and buyers. Stores, products, and services can be added in a blink of an eye.

If the Core versions lacks some features necessary for your vision, our developers can add any script, module or extension that come with Online Marketplace Software to update the shop’s functionality to suit your requirements. The list of possible plugins includes chat, calendar, rating system, cart and sale features, etc.

How Can I Increase My Marketplace Revenue?

Online Marketplace Software is fully SEO optimized and mobile responsive. This means that you will get plenty of traffic from search engines, and smartphone users will have a comfortable shopping experience. Google Analytics integration provides an overview of the traffic sources and customer behavior. You can employ any marketing tricks to get more visitors to your website or encourage vendor owners to increase traffic to their stores. With OMS, you can utilize built-in SEO features to increase search engine traffic to your marketplace.The secure and swift payment system can be integrated as a plugin to urge buyers to complete their transactions.

If you have more questions about the Online Marketplace Software, feel free to reach out to RadeMade ecommerce experts to learn more!

Online Marketplace Software by Rademade

Launch your online Marketplace platform with Online Marketplace Software

It's software solution for building a multi-vendor
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SeeAns is a professional education marketplace where experts
post training courses, and students further their careers.

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We started with decades of combined experience in building
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Admin dashboards
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Additional Plugins

Choose the right plugins for your marketplace:

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