We will work with you
according this collaboration

Intro to business analytics
We will discuss the basic scope and features for your Online Marketplace Solution.
Configuring servers and deployment
We will help with choosing a host and server providers.
Configurations with the development team
We will set up the OMS on your server and deploy it for your domain during. This includes configuring the backups and adding the code of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
Meeting regarding SEO features
We will discuss and configure basic SEO for a catalogue, suppliers and customers. It is extremely important to start with the correct configurations for your header, title and description. This makes it possible to achieve rapid growth during the next stages.
Delivery of your own marketplace
We will provide your customised marketplace and assist you with the user experience. We will teach you how to use features needed for MVP to gain traction, how to approve vendors and how to check the statistics for growth and sales.
Adding plugins to the Core version Online Marketplace Software
You can choose to buy our additional plugins to the Core Version. Your marketplace can have geolocation, calendar, chat, rating system. Also, you can choose your business model and add needing plugins for it and payment system.
Customization depending on your needs
After launching your marketplace and receiving first tractions, you will have a deeper insight into the needs of your sellers and buyers. It may need you to tweak your business model a bit and you can implement all these expected or unexpected requirements using our team for customization.

Let’s create marketplace