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Multi-vendor marketplaces are all the rage these days. Simple e-commerce websites transform into large platforms for shopping and selling. Uber, Amazon, Aliexpress are well-known, and even Microsoft has branched out from Windows updates to run Azure, a software development marketplace. If you want to design and build your own marketplace, there are two ways to go about this. You can either hire a professional software development team to work on your project or launch your customizable online marketplace with ready-made software from marketplace experts.

Marketplace Website Software: Custom Or Ready-Made?

Custom software development for marketplace solutions seems like the most logical choice when you know exactly what you want. However, there are certain drawbacks to this decision. So before you go on a spending spree and waste all your budget on an elaborate website or a mobile application, let’s take a look at a comparison of custom development versus our online marketplace ready-made software.

Software Development Marketplace Cost

While you can open a small online store using a common CMS, like Wordpress, Magento or Xcart, virtually for free, building a marketplace requires serious programming skills in Ruby or PHP, and therefore, comes at a higher cost. Custom marketplace website software will meet all your requirements, but the price will be steep, compared to a customizable turnkey solution. The development process can take up to six months and cost you over $20,000.

Online Marketplace Software will save your ecommerce budget, especially if you are still at an MVP stage. You don’t have to auction off your house and car or source millions in investments. Just channel a one-time payment for the marketplace software, pay for domain, hosting, and servers. And we will commence deployment.

Marketplace Website Development Timeline

When you have an innovative idea, time is of the essence, and you need to get your web platform up and running as soon as possible. You have no time to screen the web and mobile app software development companies. And even if you have the best team in mind, it will take ages to outline your needs, code, test and debug the code. Your competitors might use builder software to launch half-baked MVPs and sites, steal your potential clients and ruin your big break before you get anywhere near success. Your business will be over before it starts.

Instead, you can choose the best marketplace software solution out there — Online Marketplace Software by RadeMade. After you tell us about your business needs, we will configure servers, ensure cloud backup, set up Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel initial management, and deploy the website. A team of developers will take all your requirements into account before customizing your multi-vendor webshop. All necessary tools are readily available, including sale features, seller and customer login procedures, cart and checkout. It is the most efficient solution for startups seeking to get investment, and first customers shortly.

Software Customization and Integration

Custom software development service is more suited for an established digital enterprise without a strict timeline and budget limitations. A dedicated team can produce a website tailor-made for the specific needs of b2b, p2p or b2c business model. Top developers will ensure the platform’s seamless work and integration with social media and any third-party service, while designers will develop an immaculate brand image. These top-of-the-line services will cost you 50 to 100 thousand dollars.

Startups and small business owners can’t afford such expenses, that’s why Online Marketplace Software is an ideal solution for them. It is suitable for any business model, either peer-to-peer or business-to-consumer. In case the Core version does not possess necessary features, you can order an additional script, extension or module. Your platform could use geolocation, chat, calendar, and a rating system. There are enough features to make your marketplace unique and eye-catching.

Right now you are asking yourself: “Is custom or ready-made marketplace software better for my company and me?”. Before you have sided with a custom software development team, give Online Marketplace Software a try. You can always upgrade to custom development after you get a decent income.

Online Marketplace Software by Rademade

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It's a software solution for building a multi-vendor marketplace website from the Marketplace Experts
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We started with decades of combined experience in building successful marketplaces from scratch, then added in-depth market research to analyse clients’ biggest needs, to develop a streamlined MVP marketplace solution: Online Marketplace Software. OMS offers the features you need to build your niche marketplace

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